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About Atlanta Defense Base Act Claims

Military Defense Contractors Must Pay Medical and Wage Loss Benefits
The Defense Base Act requires the employer to automatically start paying medical benefits, as soon as reasonably possible after receiving notice of injury. There is also a presumption that when an injured worker is hurt on the job, the employer must pay without substantial evidence to the contrary.

Injured workers are entitled to a one-time free choice of a physician. Often a DBA adjuster will give the worker a list to choose from or choose a physician for them. Under DBA law choosing from a list is not considered to be a free-choice.

What Is a Atlanta Defense Base Act Attorney?

Our firm represents foreign workers compensation cases for employees of government contractors, many of whom are employed by KBR, Halliburton, DynCorp International, SOSi and others.

As a Atlanta Defense Base Act law firm, we can help you if you are:
  • An overseas worker who is stationed in a foreign country on a U.S. Military base, including bases in Afghanistan, Kuiat, and Iraq.
  • Working on a public works contract under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Defense or defense-related project.
  • Working for the USO or similar company that provides recreational, morale or welfare services to the U.S. Military, whether overseas or on a domestic military base.
Our firm routinely represents the following foreign workers compensation claims:
  • Electricians
  • Computer installation
  • Humvee mechanics
  • Carpenters
  • Logistics workers
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Linguists and translators
  • Food service workers
  • Any other Department of Defense contracted worker
We represent foreign workers compensation claims for overseas workers injured while working overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever U.S. Department of Defense contracts are performed. Our firm also represents third country nationals (TCNs) who are citizens of other countries and provide outstanding support services to the U.S. Armed Forces. 


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